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Preference lawsuits: How to defend yourself

In a previous post I explained to all the New Yorkers out there what a preference lawsuit is and why you should care. While reading it may have helped make you feel smart at cocktail parties, in the back of your mind you were probably also wondering, “So what exactly should I do if I’m …

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What is a preference payment? And why should you care?

Let’s say someone owes you money.  You know they’re having financial difficulties, so you go to them and try to get them to pay it back to you before they file for bankruptcy.  You have a good relationship with them and they’re kind enough to make sure you get paid back. Three weeks later, the …

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Introduction to Consumer Bankruptcy

I wanted to share that I’ll be teaching a continuing legal education course on June 23, 2009 entitled “Introduction to Consumer Bankruptcy” sponsored by the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project. The course is for attorneys who are new to consumer bankruptcy practice, and it is intended to address the growing need by low-income clients …

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