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Here is what some of our clients have to say about our bankruptcy services:

We wanted to thank you for helping us through this extremely difficult time.  Your advice and counsel was greatly appreciated.  What seemed almost impossible to overcome was made easier with your instruction and guidance.  We are forever grateful.  Hopefully we will NOT need your services in the future, but it was very comforting having you both in our corner!


Your work was outstanding – you really came through for us on this. Fantastic!

He made what everyone said was impossible…possible!!!

In eight short months, Mr. Weiner turned hopelessness into a new beginning. His professionalism and knowledge, both in office and in court are unmatched.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Awesome Experience

After finding out I am dealing with the worse trustee in the city, I hired Bruce Weiner! He made my case a priority as he does will all his cases! He made this easier to handle then I expected! I thought I would have to settle with the trustee after my mom’s mistake of saying something that she shouldn’t have and Mr. Weiner defended me in the upmost professional manner and always came on time as well as win my case! Would recommend to anyone! Not to forget he always responded in a timely fashion! I want to with Mr. Weiner best of luck in his endeavors! And Thank you for all your help! – Matthew

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

My experience with Mr. Weiner was exceptional. He provided me with top notch service and expert opinions while representing me in my bankruptcy case. His assistance in negotiating with my creditors was invaluable. He was very straight forward and always told the truth. Everything he told me turned out as he anticipated. He responded to all my questions in a professional and timely manner. His fee was reasonable and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a expert bankruptcy attorney.

He assisted me throughout the negotiation process until a successful resolution was achieved.

Mr. Weiner is an excellent attorney. – Louis

Professional, understanding, caring…All that you need!

Mr.Nadel provided clear answers to all questions asked. Was prompt with progress reports revolving around my case. His professionalism brought comfort during uneasy times, and joy in the reward of his efforts.

Rosenberg, Musso & Weiner, LLP – Robert Nadel, a friendly and trustworthy lawyer in a difficult time

Rosenberg, Musso & Weiner, LLP was recommended to me through a mutual connection with another lawyer, whom I had used in the past for an immigration related situation. Robert was the lawyer from the firm who came with me to the bankruptcy hearing. He was friendly, helpful, very clear and made me feel that all would be well, which, given the nature of filing for Chapter 7, is a nice feeling to have. It helped that the trustee I had on that day happened to be the nicest ones around according to Robert, but if not for his demeanor and sense of professionalism and ethical soundness, this would have been a much more nerve-wracking experience. I would recommend Robert anytime, as well as Rosenberg, Musso & Weiner, LLP as a firm, if you should find yourself in a situation where bankruptcy is the only option. As Robert very rightly said after the hearing about his other experiences with people who had gone through a bankruptcy, is that it is a relief when it is over. It truly is and I am glad that years of stress and anxiety are now gone and I can start new and work on rebuilding my life in a more secure way in terms of my finances.
Thanks for all of your help.

Highly Recommended!

I was one of the many whose career and economic security were ruined when the economy tanked. I turned to Robert for help and I’m very pleased with the result. He helped me file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, when it appeared that I could pay back debt mostly left from a divorce. Then, when the recession squeezed my finances even tighter, he helped me file Chapter 7. My case sailed through the court and now I am debt-free, rebuilding my life. Thanks, Robert.
– Steve

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