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The office is open as per the NYS Covid-19 guidelines. We are now doing both in-person and telephone consultations. Please call the office at 718-855-6840 to schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.


NY bankruptcy attorneys Rosenberg, Musso & Weiner have been providing personalized, caring services for a combined total of 70+ years.

Aggressive defenders of our client’s rights, we pride ourselves in our deep knowledge of the bankruptcy code. In addition, we have years of experience helping debtors, creditors and those caught up in bankruptcies for other reasons. Here is some information about our Brooklyn bankruptcy lawyers:

Partner Robert Musso is AV rated bankruptcy trustee and attorney. He has served on the trustee panel for the US Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District for over 30 years. The court trusts Mr. Musso to administer millions of dollars in assets. As a result, our creditor clients benefit from his unusual knowledge of the issues from both sides of the table. Learn more about Robert J. Musso

Partner Bruce Weiner is a tenacious defender of his client’s rights. He has a warm and understanding demeanor. He has been representing debtors and creditors for over 30 years. Mr Weiner has also handled hundreds of trustee litigation matters since joining the firm in 1994. In addition to handling Chapter 7 & 13 matters, he has successfully argued cases in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals and numerous complex Chapter 11 matters. Learn more about Bruce Weiner

Associate Robert Nadel is known for being a “positive force in client’s lives.” He has deep experience in individual bankruptcies and a high success rate in Chapter 13. As a result, he has helped many home owners in foreclosure keep their homes. As well, he has helped clients who failed to qualify for Chapter 7, to discharge their debts under Chapter 13. To learn more about Robert Nadel, click here

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