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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Brooklyn NY

Stop foreclosure. Stop creditor harassment.

Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy make the mistake of believing there is only one type of bankruptcy filing. The Bankruptcy Code provides for several different types of bankruptcy filings, each geared towards different financial situations. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at Brooklyn NY based Rosenberg, Musso & Weiner, L.L.P. handle Chapter 13 repayment plans and help homeowners stop foreclosure.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is used most often to prevent mortgage foreclosures. Homeowners who need to file bankruptcy but want to keep your house, will most likely want to file for Chapter 13. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you retain exempt assets while continuing to make payments. It allows you to:

  • Pay past-due mortgage debts over time to prevent foreclosure
  • Keep valued assets such as your house, car, and boat
  • Pay other debts and loans over a 3-5 year period
  • Stop collection efforts
  • Prevent new debt collection actions from starting

Chapter 13 is commonly referred to as “wage earner” bankruptcy because it is intended for people who have a steady source of income, but need some help to bring their finances under control.

In 2005 Bankruptcy law changes went into effect which changed the way Chapter 13 filings are handled. However, do not be put off by what you may have heard in the media about bankruptcy reform. You can still file and stop foreclosure. Our lawyers can explain how the changes will affect your filing.

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